Established since 1951, we provide a full range of services as a CDMO for Live biotherapeutic products (LPB).

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GMP clinical batches

Live biotherapeutic product (verum + placebo) GMP manufacturing

At this stage, key word is “flexibity”: depending on your current phase of development, we can adapt our manufacturing capacities (and corresponding costs) to your needs:

  • 20 liters fermentor, for pre-clinical models
  • 300 liters fermentor, for phase II or small phase III
  • 3500 liters for phase III with large population.

We offer a full service operation including API creation, finished product manufacturing (tablet, capsules, liquids) and labelling of investigational products.

Last but not least: LBP powder is not always white and sweet like maltodextrine: we develop and manufacture placebos formulations that perfectly mimic the organoleptic characteristics of you Verum. With such know-how, we can ensure absolute double blind conditions.