From early discovery to CMC development, totally focused on LBPs

Our dedicated staff and advanced equipment enable us to identify the strain and processes that are the most suitable for your development. The techniques we use are highly dependent on the future purpose of the Live Biotherapeutic Product (LBP).

Nevertheless, please refer to this non-exhaustive list of options for aerobic, anaerobic or GMO strains :

Strain identification
In-vitro characterization :
Resistance to biological substances (bile, salt gastric pH)
Sensitivity to antibiotics, antifungals
Membrane property characterization
Growth ability on different carbon sources
Adhesion test to human cells (Caco2, HT29, CRL 2616, etc.)
Inhibition to pathogens
“Biose Industrie’s strength is to integrate industrial constraints in the Research & Development process: our R&D and industrial teams work together on a daily basis and are in direct and constant contact.”

This enables a flawless transfer from lab to commercial scale.

Below are several examples of our capabilities:

GMP Cell banking (MCB/WCB)
Process development and optimization
Culture media and conditions (fermenters from 0.5 to 20 liters of working volume)
Concentration / purification
Freeze-drying cycles (freeze-drying capacity from 0.5 to 4 m²)
Grinding / milling development
Stability optimization
Finished dosage form development
Tablets with specific technology to avoid damaging the bacteria during compression
Stability assessments to assess the influence of different parameters :
Temperature (Zone III, IV b) and accelerated stability studies (+40°C)
Stability modeling
Packaging to preserve the stability of the LBPs