Between 1970 and 1975, the company moved to a new site that still serves its needs decades later

8 March 2021

During its first two decades, Biose Industrie served a steady lineup of clients in bugs as drugs industry. The company leadership had the ambition to become the top global CDMO for live biotherapeutic products but knew the organisation would soon outgrow its existing facility located in an isolated area north of Aurillac, France.

The company owners and executives took an opportunity in 1970 to move Biose Industrie to a new facility on a much bigger site with excellent transport links. The new 40 000m² site allowed a comfortable relocation at the time, with extra space that would allow the company to grow and meet the demands of a burgeoning live biotherapeutic product industry and better access to important infrastructure.

The larger site serves the company’s needs to this day, making possible the addition of new lines to the plant over the subsequent years, including the current investment in new GMP fermentation and freeze drying lines as well as encapsulation and sachet lines. The facility remains ideally suited for meeting the requirements of the fast-growing microbial drug product industry, giving the company flexibility to respond to the specific manufacturing needs of its clients. The company has equally adapted to a number of regulatory milestones driven by it’s role as the No 1 CDMO for LBPs with FDA approval forecasted for 2023!