We make LBPs to GMP pharma standards.
Live Biotherapeutic Products are specifically a GMP pharma product and as such we are full cycle pharmaceutical CDMO

Here at biose industrie we truly believe that Health is managed by the beneficial collaboration between Human cells and Microbes.

The microbiome is responsible for regulating our immune system, producing essential vitamins; regulating our glucose levels and metabolism; protecting us against disease causing microbes and producing neurotransmitters that communicate with our brain, all of these factors can be manipulated or altered using LBPs.

“Just as importantly the market potential for LBPs between now and 2025 is between €150M and €250M and once drugs get to market €1B+ by 2035.”

LBPs are not just about intestinal delivery but also the skin via Creams and Oils, Vaginal via cream, ovules or tablets  and more recently the nose mouth, throat and Lungs.

We are convinced that the future is bright for LBPs and our position as the only end to end CDMO actually producing clinical material under one roof provides us with a major advantage in assisting our clients through the clinic and more importantly treating people.