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Past and future investments

In 2020, Biose Industrie marked a significant milestone with the successful completion of its inaugural fundraising round, securing a notable €40 million. This financial boost propelled our expansion efforts, as evidenced by the addition of over 7000L of volume in a new cutting edge drug substance expansion spanning 2700m². We also demonstrated our commitment to innovation was underscored by the integration of a state of the art Clinical Drug Product module, encompassing essential processes such as blending, encapsulation, blistering, banding, enteric coating, and the formulation of creams and oils.


Fast forward to 2023, and Biose Industrie stands poised for even greater achievements, thanks to the culmination of a second fundraising round, amassing a substantial €80 million. This infusion of capital has empowered us to enhance our service offerings on a global scale. Foremost among our initiatives is the establishment of a Tech Transfer laboratory in Boston, USA, serving as a strategic hub for supporting our esteemed US clients in process development and validation. This proactive approach ensures seamless tech transfer to our facilities in France, facilitating efficient scale-up and further solidifying Biose Industrie’s position as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry.


In addition to our current endeavors, the years 2024-2025 will witness even bigger expansion of our facilities to accommodate the growing demands of our global customer base, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and innovation in pharmaceutical manufacturing.