March 2, 2023

Biose Industrie announces the opening of new manufacturing development facility in Boston, MA

Aurillac, France, March 2nd, 2023


Biose Industrie, a contract development manufacturing organisation (CDMO) and a world-leader of live biotherapeutic product (LBP) process development and production, announced today their plan to open a laboratory in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts, later this year. Following Biose Industries overwhelming success in LBP process development and manufacturing throughout the globe, Biose’s new facility will be launched to further strengthen Biose’s relationship with the U.S market.

Comprised of both office and laboratory space, the 250 meters-squared facility will allow Biose to support existing and new clients. The facility will act as a hub for technology transfer and process development for drug substance production based on the successful model at their Microbiome centre of excellence in Aurillac, France. Clients will be able to visit, transfer their lab scale process, and follow the development of their LBP in real-time in a larger scale fermenter (up to 5L), removing the need for clients to travel to France for this service.

Once the development process is established, industrial scale manufacturing will take place in Biose, France. The US location is designed to enhance the ease of technology transfer from small-scale to larger scale and enhance US-based client’s collaboration with Biose. Biose anticipate the facility will be operational beginning that start of Q2.

“As Biose continues to grow, the opening of the US facility represents the opportunity to engage with US clients in new and exciting ways. We look forward to working with our clients in-person to provide them with our state-of-the-art CDMO approach and contribute with them to improving the health of their patients”

added Nadine Daou, U.S. Head of Operations and R&D, Biose Industrie Inc.

”The market for LBPs is rapidly growing and working with live microorganisms poses unique challenges. We are proud to be one of the few companies placed to manufacture LBPs at scale, and this facility marks Biose to be a leader in bringing the next generation of microbiome therapeutics to market. We are proud to be the leading CDMO able to overcome these manufacturing complexities and build the future of microbiome-based medicines.”

Adrien Nivoliez, CEO of Biose Industrie said

”Following several years supporting our US based clients it became clear to us that our clients needed an applied R&D presence in the US to support them prior to a full technology transfer to our Microbiome Centre of Excellence in Aurillac France. We have just raised over 80M€ to support this expansion in the US in addition to doubling our Drug Substance and Drug Product capacity in Aurillac, France. We now look forward to implementing our successful model at an early stage with existing and future clients in the US”.

The facility is currently hiring expert bioprocess engineers and research associates to start Q2. To enquire please email:

About Biose Industrie

Founded in 1951 by pharmacists and microbiologists, Biose® Industrie has 70-years’ experience in drugs based on live bacteria, giving us a deep understanding of the entire process from discovery to commercialization.

Focused on Health through microbiota and microbiome science, we use our skills for the discovery, product development, clinical studies, and manufacturing of Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs).

Our company is drug-GMP certified for the manufacturing of bacteria-based Drug Substance and Drug Product for clinical and commercial applications.